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Scanning For Note Takers

  1. Press the "Start" button if the touchscreen is blank
  2. Press the "Login without Print" button in the upper left-hand corner of the touchscreen
  3. Enter your username (this is Case Sensitive)
  4. Press "OK" on touchscreen
  5. You will see the following: "Connecting to Server"
  6. Enter your password on the touchscreen
  7. Press "OK" on touchscreen
  8. You will again see: "Connecting to Server"
  9. You will then see the following: "The user listed below is logged in."
  10. Press "OK" on touchscreen
  11. Press the "Scan" button on the touchscreen
  12. Press the button on the left that says "Direct Input"
  13. Press the "Email" button
  14. Enter your CLC student e-mail (recommended for tracking notes) or the email of the student to whom you are sending notes
  15. Press "OK"
  16. Place your notes in the page-feeder on the top of the photocopier
  17. Press the blue "Start" button
  18. Press "Access" Button
  19. And press "Yes" on the touch screen to log out

    ***When e-mailing to the student be sure to change the subject heading with name of the class and date. Remember the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy is needed if you are sending notes to more than one student)
    If an e-mail ever bounces back, come back to Office for Student's with Disabilities and have staff check on the e-mail address for you.

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