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Note Taker FAQs

  1. "I am a note taker in a class and I will be dropping that class. Do I need to tell anyone?"
    Yes, you need to make OSD aware of the situation as soon as possible. Why? Because we need to find a replacement note taker in a timely manner.

  2. "The OSD student e-mail I was given isn't working. What should I do?"
    First-try it out a couple of times - it could be that you misspelled something…or that you forgot the .edu at the end of the e-mail. Then, if you are still having problems, call the office to be certain you have the correct student e-mail.

  3. "I normally see the OSD student in class. I have noticed that they have not been showing up the last several classes. What should I do?"
    Come into our office at the Grayslake campus, call, or e-mail to let us know. We will do our best to see if the student is still enrolled and let you know whether or not you need to continue to send notes.

  4. "The student I am taking notes for isn't responding to me when I e-mail them the class notes. Do I continue to send notes?"
    Yes, you continue to send notes unless you hear otherwise from the Office for Student with Disabilities.

  5. "I would rather take notes in class, then take a picture on my phone, and send them to the student's e-mail. Can I do this?"
    Yes. As long as you know that the OSD student is able to open the document with no issues and all of the notes are intact.

  6. "The OSD student told me that they do not want notes anymore. What should I do?"
    Call us, e-mail us, or stop by to let us know as soon as possible. We will make a note in our system. Then, you may turn in the log for that student (you will get paid for the notes that you took-they will be pro-rated).

  7. "The student I am taking notes for is expecting me to tutor them as well- What should I do?"
    A note taker is NOT responsible for tutoring-this is not part of the note taking position. We have writing and math centers available on campus that have tutoring available. If you have any concerns where you feel like this is occurring- please contact our office.

  8. "I know I might miss a couple of classes-Can I still be a note taker?"
    Yes, but make certain you send an e-mail as courtesy to the OSD student to let them know that you will be out. Assure them that you will get them the notes upon your return...Then follow through. You will need to get in touch with an acquaintance in your class or the instructor to make plans to get copies of the notes.

  9. "Can I be a note taker for more than one student?"
    Yes, you may have up to 4 students that you are taking notes for in a class. When this happens you will use the BCC button so the students cannot see one another s e-mail addresses (for confidentiality purposes). You will still only get paid the flat rate. Why? Because you are only tacking on additional e-mails.

  10. "I am wanting to take notes in 4 different classes this semester since every class needs a note taker. Can I be the note taker in all 4 classes? Would I get paid for being a note taker in four different classes?"
    Yes, this is a possibility, but remember, this opportunity is on a first come first serve basis. Yes, you would get paid for taking notes in the four different classes.

  11. "I didn't get the OSD student signature at the end of the semester. Can I still turn in the log and get paid?"
    Yes. If we have not received any complaints from the OSD student, you may still be eligible to get paid.

  12. "I have been waiting around for a couple of weeks to get paid. How long will it take to receive my note taking check?"
    This varies. It can take several weeks to a couple of months. Why? Because there are a number of people at the college that have to approve the payments. Remember, the check may actually look more like a bill- so be sure not to throw it out.

  13. "The student I have been taking notes for has informed me that they haven't been receiving notes. I have been sending notes though the entire time to their student e-mail. What should I do?"
    First, make certain you have the correct student e-mail. If not, go through and resend them to the correct e-mail. Then, have them check their student e-mail. If need be, go back through your old sent items and forward them again. If you feel it is necessary, you can CC or BC the note taking coordinator:

  14. "I have been a note taker in previous semesters. It appears that the payment has been adjusted. Why?"
    Our budget has changed.

  15. "I turned in my note taking log with my old address. I ended up moving to a new location. What should I do?"
    Please make us aware of the situation as early as possible by contacting OSD.

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