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Deaf or Hard of Hearing Services FAQ

Interpreters will be provided for academic classes and events open to the public by request. Since the College of Lake County employs sign language interpreters contractually, advance notice is necessary to receive services. To guarantee interpreter services the first day of classes, students must contact our office with their class schedules at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. In cases where this timeline cannot be met, the Office for Students with Disabilities staff will make every effort to schedule interpreters as soon as possible.

In the Event of a Schedule Change: Students are expected to notify the OSD and the assigned sign language interpreter of any changes in scheduled classes. To ensure that valuable communication service resources are not wasted, we request that you notify the OSD and the assigned interpreter of a cancellation of service at least 24 hours in advance. For example, if a student knows that he/she will be missing class, he/she should notify the OSD and the interpreter before the day of the class from which will be absent so that the assigned service can be cancelled. Students who miss more than three successive classes without notifying the OSD will have their interpreting service suspended. Interpreting services may be restarted following a meeting with an OSD staff member.

Lateness Procedures: Students who are provided with sign language interpreting services are requested to provide notice to the OSD or assigned sign language interpreter if they anticipate that they will be late for class. We recognize that there may be instances in which, due to unavoidable circumstances, a student may not be able to provide advance notice of being late for class. If no advance notice of tardiness is provided, interpreters will wait for the student's arrival for 15 minutes after the start of class. Students who arrive at class after the interpreter has left are requested to contact OSD. If the interpreter has not been reassigned, OSD will instruct the interpreter to return to the class immediately. The student and sign language interpreter are encouraged to exchange contact information in the event the student misses a class.

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